The 2011 International Algae Competition: Algae Powered Mushroom Farm

On 12th April 2012, IO received the Algae Appreciation Prize for the 2011 International Algae Competition. 

“Our goal is to design a mobile algae powered mushroom farm that can be placed anywhere in the world and will support the development of micro-economic development in poverty stricken regions. The farm will grow mushrooms because of their easy cultivation and high yield production. The algae will be used as a food source, provide organic fertilizer for the mushrooms, purify rain and river water, and to provide biofuel to operate the mushroom farm. The two main target groups to support the farms would be urban homeless and the poor of rural communities. The algae powered mushroom farm becomes a micro-economic intervention to help provide a stable food source, purify water, create small profit centers for villages, and most importantly teach a new farming skill/trade” Ted Givens, Design Partner at IO.