IO’s first major project has broken ground in China

IO's first major project has broken ground on 28th March 2012 in China.  IO is the Masterplanner and Design Architect of this project, a 4,000,000 square foot Chengtou Office Park in New Jiangwan, Shanghai.  Construction is anticipated to be completed in 2014.

Barry Shapiro, Design Partner of IO, says, “The client liked our unique approach to the masterplan and subsequently has awarded us the architecture design, entrust us to overview the landscape and interiors design for the project.  We are very excited to see the project has finally started on site."

Scott Findley, also a Design Partner of IO, who has co-directed the design of the project with Barry, states, "we and our other fellow Design Partners have in-depth expertise in designing similar projects around the world in our individual past roles prior to the establishment of IO.  A selection of which includes Huawei R&D Campus, Nanjing, China; China Merchants Bank Corporate Campus, Chengdu, China; Centralized High Risk Science Laboratory at the Chinese University, HK;  The Engineering School & Laboratory at the National University of Ireland Galway, UK; and Bio-Manufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise, North Carolina, USA."


The New Jiangwan Technical Park is a 16 hectare campus technical business park development that is organized around a series of large courtyards and a central community garden. Key objectives of the master plan are to create a good sense of scale, neighborhood and community, a great environment for people to work in and a flexible design that meets the client’s future market expectations featuring for example innovative 3,000 sqm to 6,000 sqm office headquarters.

The building facades are designed to be cost effective, flexible and have a strong architectural character. The depth of the facades and the orientation of windows take solar radiation into consideration to help reduce operating costs and create a better working environment within the buildings.

The overall image of the Technical Park is meant to be clean, modern and sophisticated to attract future tenants and create a strong working environment. It will be an important addition to the New Jiangwan District of Shanghai. 

Construction is well underway. The super structure has just been completed with substantial amount of cladding to be done by December 2013.  It is anticipated that tenants will start to move in by end of 2014 when the entire business park is in full operations. 

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