The KL Gateway is envisioned to be a peaceful green oasis in the heart of Kuala Lumpur

"This extensive public spaces and gardens of the KL Gateway development make it a very special community. Residents can enjoy spaces ranging from the central courtyard, to the retail mall, club houses, and private gardens. The goal is for the project to have a unified neighborhood feeling. Residents get much more than an individual unit, they are part of a larger community. The organic nature of the architecture combined with the abundance of public and outdoor spaces will make the KL Gateway a very unique an desirable area to in which to live", said Ted Givens, Design Partner of IO.

The heart of the project is an outdoor courtyard surrounded by a series of garden spaces. The courtyard is designed to be a public room attracting people from the surrounding neighborhood and city. A large floating glass ring defines the central courtyard space becoming the focal point for the entire development. The ring binds the courtyard to a surrounding retail mall and becomes a gathering spot for the entire mixed use complex. The ring houses a series of small fashion boutiques and its circulation path doubles as a runway for special events and fashion shows. At night the crystalline ring becomes a lantern illuminating the courtyard with a series of LED screens and color glass panels. The roof of the ring becomes an outdoor jogging trail and garden for the surrounding residential towers.

A series of gardens are pulled up into the surrounding towers creating private gardens for the residents. Each roof top area becomes an outdoor garden space for the residents to enjoy.

The office towers facing the main highway are defined as the water element. The facades consist primarily of glass and a series of very fluid metal fins to highlight the feeling of water. The upper floor of each tower contains sky gardens that provide panoramic views of central KL. A conference center and outdoor café are provided on the garden levels of each tower. The tower's location also gives them great visibility from the surrounding highways and the railway transit system. The office towers become the most iconic and visible element of the project.

The twin residential towers form the element of metal. The facades of the residential towers undulate forming a series of lanais that further define the organic nature of the project. Each unit has its own enclosed lanai, increase the spacious feeling of the units. The residential towers share a large podium level plaza providing a large outdoor space for the residents to enjoy. The podium garden contains a large pool, functions rooms, changing rooms, and a series of outdoor plazas. The floor directly above the podium contains all the clubhouse functions. The roofs of the towers contain 4 large penthouse units, each containing its own exterior garden and pool.

The retail podium is also defined by the element of metal. The retail podium is a solid base upon which the residential office towers rest. The retail mall is designed to house smaller more localized stores. The mall is themed around the idea of fashion and supporting the local fashion industry. A ring sweeps out from the upper level of the mall and forming an iconic element that defines the inner courtyard. The ring houses a series of small retail shops and its circulation path is used to connect the retail mall to the office, residential towers, and service apartments.

Construction is well underway with anticipated completion by 2017.

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