Research + education

Ted Givens is our design partner committed to driving 10 Design's research group.

We are collaborating closely with international artists and manufacturers to explore and advance sustainable construction technology. The results of our research projects are incorporated directly into our built work.

We offer a full range of analytical services ranging from lighting to wind analysis using ecotech software. It is our belief that sustainable research makes a significant contribution to maintaining and enhancing our natural environment, and at the same time can help our clients add value to their projects.

One of our active projects is the design of a series of sculptures in western China that seek to neutralize air pollution. The cleansing action is achieved using a series of nano-coatings and carbon nano-tubes. We are currently studying the use of kinetic energy to power a series of led lights on the sculptures. We are also incorporating a number of our sustainable research ideas in The Fujian Professional Photonic Technical College in China.

The partners at 10 Design are invited to lecture around the world on sustainable design and research. Most recent talks including '100% Design in Shanghai'; the Natua 2012 conference in Brazil; the University of Sao Paulo; Tongji University; and at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.